Additional Information

  • Full time Model
  • More than 11 years experience
  • I work for pay only
  • I can travel for shoots

Stats and sizes

  • 30yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/usa) 32B-25-35
  • USA dress size 2
  • 5'3" tall
  • 100lbs
  • USA shoe size 5
  • Brown eyes
  • Short dark brown hair
  • White skin
  • Other ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Erotic, Fashion, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude and Portrait

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A few things to know:

  • Currently have a huge messages backlog. I'm not ignoring you - just ploughing through. If you need to contact me about something time-sensitive, write the date by which you need to hear from me in capital letters in the subject line. It might work!

  • I'm working more on producing and curating my own content for onlyfans and patreon these days, so I'm taking on a limited amount of model work.

  • My rates, travel plans and other important info can be found here.

  • I currently have short hair that's gradually becoming longer.

  • I'm based near London. Otherwise, I frequently appear in Berlin, Cambridge, Nottingham, and Reykjavík.

  • If we've worked together and I haven't left you a reference yet, click on 'ask for a reference' at the top of this page.

  • If I like/collect/comment on lots of your pictures it's because I like them; I like pictures, and I like lists. If you'd prefer me not to, just say so.


Greetings. I'm a tree sprite who darts around all over the UK and Northern Europe, providing the very important service of posing for pictures. I've quite some experience under my belt now (someone described me as one of the 'old guard'), and my portfolio images here are ordered by year for your convenience. My style is eclectic and open-ended, so rather than try to sum it up in words I would just encourage you to have a quick skim through my pics. But let's take a quick sample of my mind - some of the many things that make me tick include: clashing patterns, the challenge of depicting concepts, permission to climb trees, minimalism, maximalism, genre bending, absurdity, symbolism, and the bountiful possibilities of light. Pictures are my passion, and turning other people's feelings into images is my calling.


~ most of my work is in photographic modelling (both film and digital), but I'm also available as a traditional artist's model: life classes, paintings, sketches, sculptures and suchlike.

~ moving images: I've done a handful of abstract/conceptual short videos. You'll find some on vimeo. I'm keen to branch out and push my boundaries in this genre.

~ audio: I've done a bit of voice work e.g. poetry and documentaries (see vimeo).


what I bring to the table/wall/floor:

~ they have called me 'versatile'. My look has been described as 'forlorn', 'insouciant' and 'soulful'. But I can also be hot, cool, hard, soft, distant, present, dynamic, still, haughty, fun, neutral, expressive, engaging, introspective, romantic, serious, Eastern, Western, sincere, ironic, classic, modern, boyish, girly, childish, womanly, old, young, hatched, unhatched, hinged, unhinged, and sometimes you even get the choice between angelic and monstrous.

~ make-up: I do my own make-up to a good standard, keeping up with the latest trends and technology to a reasonable level.

~ styling: I have an extensive and growing wardrobe of silly and serious pieces of attire, including vintage, designer and handmade items - what I can bring is limited only by travel. I do believe I have a flair for self-styling when it matters, despite the days when I catch myself in the mirror and wonder when I started dressing like a homeless clown. Here are some examples of my endeavours.

~ I'm quite sure footed and love to clamber.

~ water is my favourite element. Be it in a river, the ocean, a bathtub or a cup, I can be as tranquil as a lake or as meandering as a mountain beck.

~ notable inabilities: please note that I can't (yet) open my eyes under water without looking slightly unfortunate, dive, drive, stand en pointe (tho I can do a close imitation of it), handstand, cartwheel, quickly distinguish left from right, wink, whistle, improvise rap, do mental arithmetic, or look good in a swimming cap (I've got a weird head).


physical properties:

~ my mysteriously international looks can be put to a wide range of uses (can you guess my origins?).

~ my head hairs are currently quite short. I usually have pubic hair, and luxurious armpit hair makes seasonal appearances according to popular demand. If you want something specific please consult me well in advance. Leg hair has also made recent appearances.

~ My body is a complex mixture of padded and bony, with mountainous ribs and a complicated torso made up of bones, belly jelly and muscles - all set about with an array of spindly limbs that make Gollum look like a plus size model.

~ I have notoriously protuberant eyes which can look into a lens from many different directions due to being almost hemispherically set forth from my face.

~ It may not be evident in all images but I do have an ordinary amount of wrinkles, stretch marks, and I'm prone to all manners of spectacular surface irritations: insect bites, bruises, sun rash, shaving dots, and inexplicably purple knees. But I carry make-up with me and can do a reasonable attempt at covering blemishes.

~ I once acquired a chipped tooth while eating some unjustifiably expensive lettuce. A 1x2mm rectangle is missing from the inner corner of my left front tooth.

~ this is my naked face.

~ to end on a neutral note, I'm proud to present one feature that has never drawn positive or negative appraisal: my almost entirely nondescript nose. It really holds the rest of my face together.


'levels' etc:

~ anatomical explicitness: In principle, I don't hide any of the outside of my body, and will adopt 'open leg' poses as and when I see fit - however, discussion in advance is recommended so as to reach a mutual understanding of style and genre. (In any case, one tends to get more than one bargained for when it comes to my so-called 'pudenda' due to my unnecessarily voluptuous labia which resemble that of a baboon on heat.)

~ sexuality: use my current portfolio as a guide to what I may express at a shoot, but, again, discussion in advance is recommended.

~ 'messy' shoots: I'm happy to work with mud, clay, paint, sand, plaster. I don't want to cover myself in foodstuffs (flour is ok) or roll into a putrid bog. As a general rule, I like clean dirt.

~ I'm not afraid to play ugly or scary characters, or depict dark and difficult themes.

~ I don't want to appear in images that seem genuinely voyeuristic, that attempt to make it look as though I (the model) have been caught off guard.

~ peril: I'm no stranger to mild peril on shoots and am driven to go that extra mile to get a more dramatic shot, whilst assessing the dangers for myself and acting at my own discretion.

~ public nudity: I'm no exhibitionist, but I can tolerate being seen by the odd passer-by at a distance. Nudity in nature is my element - nudity indoors is my cup of tea - nudity in town is not so much up my street.

~ I've developed a rule of not working skimpily clad outdoors in the colder climes from October through February. I devised this rule not just for my own comfort; no matter how much I resist the subjective discomfort of the cold, the physical reality is that I'll get a bright red nose, spectacularly spiky multi-coloured legs and an unappealingly tragic look on my face - all of which are quite tricky to photoshop.


booking me:

~ If possible, please send me information about the date, location, theme of the shoot, links to your work and references, and reasons for wanting to work with me.

~ I appreciate it when photographers send me informative but concise, polite, businesslike communications, well in advance of the proposed shoot date.

~ I don't always reply straight away. This is because I have to spread my attention between different online platforms and real life. But if you're serious about working with me, don't let this put you off. Some of my very best collaborators have taken years to track me down!

~ check here for my travel plans, studio days and rates info.

~ I will say no to TF work 99% of the time, but you can still propose. Things that will tempt me to TF: costumes, designers, pro hair & make-up team, high-end retouching and photomanipulation, print publication, or the opportunity to practice - with experts - some of the following: underwater, acting, high fashion, bridal. I have a 'shoots for me wishlist' on Pinterest.

~ travel: if you'd like me to travel a long way to shoot with you, then instead of saying 'if you're ever heading my way...' do go ahead and book me for a particular date (even if just in pencil) so that I can plan a trip around it and spread the travel costs around for you. Every tour has to start with a booking.


working with me:

~ make-up: I usually arrive at a shoot with the base done and do the details when I arrive. This should take between 15-25 minutes depending on how elaborate the requirements are.

~ wardrobe: let me know in advance what you'd like me to bring. If you're lucky I may even bring something new at your request.

~ personality: some things that I am: patient, practical, perceptive, phlegmatic, pragmatic, perseverant. / some things that I'm not: hyper, flirty, outgoing, loud, 'bubbly'. (Sometimes people are surprised when they meet me for the first time that I'm 'quieter' in voice than I am in writing.)

              "fun, funny and the most English person I have ever met..."gyokko

~ collaboration: I'm deeply motivated by imagination and creativity, while also very technical in my approach. If we work together, I'll bring my visual passion into our collaboration as well as a careful systematic attention to the hermeneutics of the image. That visual passion and systematic attention are what jointly drive my obsession and place me on the 'artistic spectrum'. ;-) My strong faculties are introverted thinking and extraverted intuition, in that order, but when I'm working my intuition takes over, which is why I love my job so much.

~ post-production: I'm happy to do the selecting of the final images, and occasionally some editing, if such input is desired. Here's a collection of images of me by others that I've edited myself. 

~ me in real life: this is the person to look for if you're meeting me on my travels.


with my other hat on...

~ I take photographs. Perhaps you'd care to take a peek. They're really rather nice.




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